I don't know what it is yet. This site has been neglected for so long I'm surprised it hasn't take me to court.

I've moved on almost completely to screenwriting, although there is another book of short stories in my queue that is basically finished. 

I'm working on a few feature length screenplays, one which has a lot of promise, and ten or more that are sitting in various versions of draft one. Complete, just crappy. When I get to twenty five, I might have one worth selling...or maybe I already have that one. It's such a tough world to navigate.

So I'll continue making short films until I run out of people who will collaborate with me. And if I can find that person who can sell, sell, sell, maybe I'll make that feature film one day. 

I'm just lousy at asking for money, lousy at pitching. If I was a public speaker, I wouldn't be a writer. I write because I can edit the words until they sound correct.

I'm also completely addicted to drawing, CG, and playing music. Too many hobbies. Anyway, I will update this place one day. Dust out the cobwebs and drag the old rotten bodies off to my crawlspace for disposal and to make room for the new, fresh and gooey ones.

Maybe I should be doing something with my life besides these hobbies, but for most of it, filmmaking and art and music have been what kept me from exploding.

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