Still kicking.

Forgive me internet, for I have sinned. It has been ... like 17 months since my last confession and I have no excuses. I don't do penance either so just deal with the shit.

Last post I did here was about a tiny little film called Bacteria. Since then, we've done one called Buffoonery and Hooligans, one called Revenge, one called The Legend of Pickaxe Dick and one called Third Person.

We've screened at filmfests and met loads of cool filmmakers, some struggling like me, others kicking ass and taking names (respect!). So, until I find something to talk about on here...maybe my struggles with cinematography (read that as --my laziness and lack of practice), my struggles with writing (read that as -- my laziness and lack of practice), my struggles with back pain (that's a thing actually) and weird digestive issues (also a thing), I'm going to go and make more movies and film stuff and write stuff and hopefully meet more cool people.

But for now, go give this a watch:

Tell your friends to give it a watch. And their friends, and more friends, and hopefully one day, I will finish the feature length version of this screenplay and all of those people could donate a few bucks to make it happen.

Keep it creepy.

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