Busy as a Zombeaver.

Forgive me interwebs, for I have sinned. It has been months since my last confession and lucky you, the three of you who read these...you get to hear my crimes.

No crimes really--sorry to disappoint. It seems life has just gotten ahead of me for the last while and I've neglected writing much of anything. There will be floggings for this, I assure you. I've decided to try combining my writing with some other half-honed skills of mine and dabble in film.
I have always loved music, film and storytelling, so why not just work with all three? Not that I'm doing everything myself--who can do that? But I know some people who are talented, driven and--and this is key--just as crazy as I am. Some of them are my family, some are not family yet, but after we make some ghostly or gory stories for your viewing pleasure, I hope to have some remaining friendships.

In other news, my day job (insert boos and hisses here) has taken its toll on me and therefore my writing and creativity have been stifled-choked off by the hand of the man. I don't like that one bit and it makes me cranky. So expect my inner monster to be back with a vengeance once the shit I call an occupation calms down. At least there's a good paycheck in it.

So back to film. The first thing I've ever filmed with any sincerity is about 80% complete. I thought it was done, but when I watched it, it didn't creep me out...and it didn't tell the story I was trying to convey--to be expected, it's the first attempt. But I think I know how to fix things, and with another day or so of shooting and a re-edit, my 5 minute debut will be.

It's called "Home for Dinner" and is a simple tale of two sisters who are home after school waiting for Mom to come home and feed them. There's a demon haunting their little home, and its just a matter of time before it strikes. A quick tale, with a few surprises.

When that is finished, I'll move on to one of 5 or 6 dozen stories I've stockpiled for this very reason...as if that wasn't enough ideas, my partners in crime have ideas of their own. Should be plenty of practice to keep us busy with the cameras. Keep your eyes peeled. And go read a book. Doesn't have to be one of mine ;)

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