Shhhhh... It's November.

Don't mind me...I'm just here to babble for a few paragraphs.

I'm not sure why this month was selected for novel writing...maybe because the weather in many places starts to suck and there's not much else to do...or maybe Election Day, Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving (and Hannukuh) aren't enough this year. It doesn't matter. We write. Hopefully, we write the other eleven months of the year as well.

I'm spending this month editing old stuff, paying for the literary sins of my past as it were. Lots of people read my books and smiled, some left reviews with stars in them... I'm thankful for those people, but wish more folks had been honest with me and said, "Dude, you need an editor. Like, really need an editor."

So to pay penance, I'm editing those books by myself and it is eye opening. It's the writing equivalent of flogging my back with a whip, painful, but lets off a lot of steam. It is also educational and gives me insight into my own writing. I hope looking bacl at my jacked up work that I thought was perfect when I rushed it out to self publish makes me a better writer...makes me sit back and take my time with my future work. I don't want to feel like I rushed anything isn't worth it.

So whether or not you WriMo or WriLess, write. If you don't write, read--I have some books I can now recommend. If you don't read...well, you probably aren't looking at this blog so peace to you.

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