Demons and Other Inconveniences

I think your first book will always hold a special place in your heart...even if that place is dark and neglected, wishing to be forgotten.
That, folks, is why I dove back into this book. I never was happy with the finished product, although folks seem to like it. I was disgusted with the way it turned out, with my lack of editing, with my impatience. I just couldn't wait to get it out there, and ever since then it has felt like the walk of shame after a one-night-stand with a farm animal.
So, to alleviate that guilty feeling, I tore the book apart, went line by line, story by story and corrected as much as possible.
Writers, you know that means everything changed, and when I was done, Demons had gained a bit of weight. 141 pages to the paperback and roughly 18,000 additional words to give you some idea. Those don't include the words that were changed.

The largest change came to Unlucky in Death. As I was reworking that one, it took on a whole other life, and now it's closer to a novella than the flash piece it started as.

So, for better or worse, Demons is back. Go read it. Tell your friends. Give it a review.

I'm going to gut What Tangled Webs now.

Happy Holidays and thanks for reading.


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