National Buy One Of Dan's Books Month. NaBuOnODaBooMo.
I think it should be an institution.
Besides, it's totally fun to say.
On the serious side, this is a great opportunity for writers (even if you don't know that you're a writer) to write. Challenge yourself. Start today, even being 6 days late. The 50,000 work benchmark is just that. It's a notch... a goal... What if you only write 20,000 or 49,000? So what, you made it that far.
Perhaps you've never written before and are looking for a reason to give it a try. Perhaps, like me, you're a glutton for punishment, and the dozen projects you're already involved in aren't enough for you!
I'm a WriMo!
Never have been much for joining groups... I don't strive to be like 'the crowd'... Something about this crowd, however, appeals to me. Writers are a misfit bunch. They span the whole of everything. Scientists and artists, conservatives and liberals and folks who straddle the fence. Folks who kick the fence down and stomp on it. Folks who build a new fence. Folks who imagine the fence is a dragon that breathes fire on those who might oppose its existence and folks who might slay that dragon.

All it takes is an idea to tell a story...

My WriMo Novel is called Giving Up The Ghost and is about a man named Gerry who has lost himself. He drinks, uses drugs and frequents prostitutes. He is dirty, out of shape, and dying slowly of his nihilistic existence. Meanwhile, a sweet, giving set of elderly parents bail him out over and over... but they've had enough. Even though Margo and Bill love the son they once had, they hate what he's become and offer him an ultimatum: Clean up, or drown in your own filth, you're cut off.
They give him a month to find his way, and for once--maybe because he's 37 and unemployed, maybe because there's an inkling of humanity left in him-- he takes them seriously and gives it the old college try.
I can tell you it won't work out. I can say this for two reasons-- It's a huge turnaround and he has spent two decades stacking the deck against himself... and because I'm writing the story :)
Bill and Margo decide there's one thing left they can do for their son. Haunt him.

10,000 words so far. We'll see if it becomes a novel... or if I run out of ideas. If I do, I have 12 other projects to fall back on and I'll get back to this one.

Write! (oh... and vote too!)

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