Welcome to Coffin Hop 2012!

There's a horrible thing happening right now. That is, if you believe 100+ writers, publishers and artists of varying sorts gathering to spread fear and terror to the planet is horrible.

Over the next seven days, The Coffin Hop will invade your internet, and hopefully--if you play your cards right, it will invade your nightmares for years to come. Today marks the dark beginning. All you have to do is visit the blogs... each one if you have the chance... and you can win win win prizes--books, artwork, perhaps lots of therapy.

For me, I'll be holding a costume contest--click here for details. Votes will be cast and a winner crowned with bragging rights, and a signed copy of my book, LUNACY.

I'm also giving away my latest, HOW TO EAT A HUMAN BEING, in e-book format over at smashwords. So Happy Halloween! Happy Hopping. Get over to the MAIN PAGE or go straight to the LIST of blogs to visit and start winning. Think of it as electronic trick or treating :)
*Coffin Hop is not responsible for any therapy required. Please freak out at your own risk.

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