Ladies and Gentlemen, Constance Hall.

She makes monsters--some you might not have expected. Read on for details and an interesting visual or two.

First question is always: How's life?

Eh. Could be better, but I could also be dead so not gonna complain. I know that's a vague response, but I suck at that question. Obviously I get asked that all the time, but my life is always really complicated and crazy so it's tough to answer.

Have you always been surrounded by art, horror and giant toothy, monstery things bleeding and exploding all around you?

Ummmm…pretty much, yeah. Honestly, my childhood wasn't so traumatizingly different as you might imagine. I sucked my thumb til kindergarten, kicked ass on the handball courts during recess, I dressed as the Pink Ranger for Halloween, suffered a few years of wearing braces (probably due to the aforementioned thumb-sucking) and I still have the trophy i won at the district spelling bee in the fourth grade (makes a good ashtray, lol). But I also remember going into work with my dad and being very nervous at some of the creatures he was working on (I remember being particularly terrified at a big, animatronic dinosaur). I've always expressed myself artistically and I've always been compelled to "create". I'm one of those people who just has to keep their hands busy so even when I was little I was constantly making friendship bracelets, beady buddies, or making "goth barbies" with my dad. I always found it fascinating what he did because it was so different than any of my friends' parents. By the time I was 13, I spent my summers going to work with my dad every day and helping out.

It looks like fun, but I know there's real work, long hours etc... Everything good has a down side, or it wouldn't make the times when it works so amazing. Do you feel like you're doomed or lucky?

Long hours is an understatement, hahaha. However, if I didn't love it I wouldn't be doing it. Is the work totally miserable at times? Of course! But it's changing all the time and I'm constantly learning and improving. My job rarely gets boring and it has given me experiences and memories that I wouldn't trade for all the money in the world. Plus, I get to have funny hair and piercings and dress however I want. It's definitely not a career for everybody; it takes a certain type of personality (insane/masochistic) to thrive in this industry but I can't imagine any other life for myself. I feel very blessed.

You do all different styles of makeup work. The show, Monster Man, paints you into the horror/sci-fi category... is that really where you live, or is anything fair game?

Yes, that is what I mostly do these days. However I really enjoy doing "straight" beauty makeup and for a long time thats what I focused on. I pretty much kick ass at it. Sadly, it was difficult making steady money at it and I started working at the shop again more and more and now I rarely do beauty gigs. I still love making people pretty and I especially love doing creative makeups for photography but it's not my bread and butter.

Who or what influences you?

Old horror and cult movies are a huuuge influence on me (The Bride of Frankenstein, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Black Cat, The Masque of the Red Death, and The Phantom of the Paradise are a few that immediately come to mind). I'm also very inspired by music as well as cartoons/anime, comics, literature…the list is endless. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Everything I see, hear, feel, and experience just becomes a part of the inner library from which I pull my ideas.

You've been all over the country promoting Monster Man ...What do you do when you're not being creative?

…Travel around the country promoting Monster Man, haha. Honestly traveling all the time is draining and my schedule is stupidly full so when I'm finally home for a few days I lack motivation to do much of anything but cuddle with my cats, clean my house, and do yard work. Sad, but true. Hopefully this funk doesn't last too much longer.

On the show, the drama is really ramped up. So much family working together... is it really that intense?

Who told you the drama was ramped up? Lol, they were lying through their teeth. Honestly they kinda tamed a lot of the drama. Maybe a couple of little things were played up but overall it was a lot worse while we were shooting than it was made out to be on television. It feels weird for me to watch the show sometimes because I remember all the stress and all the details and what went on and when I watch it it's like "that was it? That's all they showed?" It's weird to see those intense, stressful weeks -hours and hours of work, stress, and general bullshit- processed into palatable 45 minute episodes.

Kids rebel. You ever say screw it, I'm gonna go be an accountant?

Lol, nope. I did consider going into law, but then I'd have to wear tasteful suits and have boring hair and be all stuffy and uptight in general. Not really my style. Honestly, my mom wasn't really down with the hair coloring and piercings and such. We didn't get along very well until I was about 17 or 18. I suppose thats when she kinda just gave up and decided that as long as I was doing well in school, at work, and being responsible it didn't really matter what color my hair was.

Favorite place in the world? Why there?

My bedroom. My room is my sanctuary. I got my blankie, my cats, my guitars, books, doodle stuff- what else could a girl need?

Strangest thing you've ever had to create?

…I've worked on a lot of giant phalluses over the years. There was also a very strange clamshell character; his face was on the front of the clamshell and it opened up and it was like a skinned person inside but all cartoony and hand-stitched looking. Even had a muppet fleece penis with veins stitched in yarn….good luck trying to picture that.

What's your brand of cigarette?

Djarum…or at least it used to be (insert multiple expletives expressing my distaste for the FDA here). Since I can no longer purchase my precious cloves here in the States, I smoke mostly Camel 9 or Camel 9 Menthols.

And yes, I do realize they still sell some Djarums in the U.S. but only in the form of "cigarillos" and those are no substitute for good ole' Djarum Blacks!

What is Constance Hall's dream? Your own studio, own show, or something else entirely?

Hm…my "dream" is honestly very simple. My dream is to be able to live comfortably. Steady work with steady income. I hate having to stress out about how I'm gonna pay my rent or my cell phone bill every month. Feels like a huge waste of energy. It must be so freeing for people who can pay their bills, buy groceries and decent toilet paper, and register their vehicles on time without fighting to scrape the money together.

My Dad and I are also working on getting a new shop-space right now for our own fx company, Daikaiju Co. I'd love to have a decent sized space, stocked with decent supplies and tools, that we could work out of freely- no more bullshit. No backstabbing, no lying, no hate; just a peaceful, cool place where artists can concentrate on creating without getting bogged down in "shop politics." Seems impossible right now, but we're workin' on it.

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