Monday, October 1, 2012

Hoosier Horror Blog Hop 2012!

The Hoosier Horror Blog Hop

The Hoosier Horror Blog Hop has begun. So, in honor of that and of October and my little buddy, Sam, I want to talk about Halloween. Hoosiers get some of the perks of the season:

1) The benefit of latitude means it’s not snowing (normally) in October, and neither is it swampy and hot. This makes wearing a costume, particularly a latex mask bearable while you collect your candy … or flay a victim.
2) The trees are ablaze with awesomeness. Not the forest fire kind of blaze, the Norman Rockwell kind. Natural. No artificial sweeteners, bullshit or implants.
3) Pumpkins and apples mean pumpkin pie and apple cider. They go with the leaves, deal with it. This also brings about a million tiny small-town fall festivals.
4) Itchy hayrides and corn mazes. Okay, not really a plus, but they’re fun.

So we enter this best of months, not just because of Halloween-- but also because it’s when I was born, with several intentions. My intentions are to scare as many ghosts and goblins in tiny Nikes as I can. Give their dear little hearts a good jolt to go with the sugar and keep them up at night to bring the parents some joy. While I’m covering my house with goo, grue and fake limbs, I’m thinking about you all… picturing your faces floating in my specimen jars and smiling from within my prop-coffins. I’m picking my candy…it will look just like everyone else’s, I promise.

I hope to see you trick’or’treating… And I hope to see you all at the hop. Check out all the members and just click here or the title of this little ditty for more links 


  1. Make sure and update us on what shenanigans Btown has going on this year!

  2. Your house is the one I hate to walk past! But I will if there is chocolate involved. The kids can't eat it all and it's nice to share! Ha. ;)

    (I know a few good pumpkin patches, too, by the way)

  3. We've found a few good pumpkin patches. Had one in our backyard the past two years... just out of luck. Pumpkins will apparently grow anywhere. Come trick or treat all, we'll have candy.

  4. Love the list! And yes, I steer clear of houses like yours as well! :-)

  5. Sigh. Houses like mine are what Halloween is all about >:D