Saturday, March 24, 2012

Recipe for a writer.

Writers are class clowns (on the inside).
Writers are daydreamers.
Writers are illogical and stubborn.
Writers see things differently.
Writers feel like frauds, no matter how many people buy and read their work.
The best writers may never be published. May never let anyone read their thoughts. May never even write them down.
Writers are artists.
Writers are therapists.
Writers write love.
Writers write hatred.
Writers are frustrated.
Writers are liberated.
Writers feel sexy.
Writers feel disgusting.
Writers write. Simple.


  1. I was a class clown on the outside too. Nice post, great picture.

  2. Hi Dan,

    I borrowed this picture for my blog. I linked back here to your post, with a 'picture courtesy of' caption. If I may, I would like to post the Recipe, too, of course with a byline. Let me know if that would be ok. If not, please get back to me so I can take it off. Thanks. L.