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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Busy Busy...

Ok, so lately, I feel like I've been neglecting some stuff, but when I take a minute to inventory things... I find that I'm just impatient. :) So I have fifteen to eighteen short stories that haven't been completed, but they live in my head. I have a full collection of short stories for kids that needs some love...
I HAVE finished one screenplay. It's ready for it's third draft and then hopefully, some filmmaking--I know the odds, but it doesn't stop me from hoping, knowing it's a great story. I have a second screenplay in the works for some people with the know how and connections to make something fantastic happen--I hope I can write something worth their time and trust in me. More on that later...
Then last week, an idea for a short film hit me, and so it got scripted, and now I'm looking for some actors and locations with a good friend. That short film will hopefully lead to others. We have five or six shorts ready to go, and dozens more ideas.
That, along with my day job and my family takes quite a bit of time and energy. Wahoo!!!!

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