A Writer's Lament. Part 3.

So I've written and written and written, but never seem to have the funds for professional editing. I enlist the help of family and friends... maybe the occasional kind stranger who I trust with my words for no apparent reason. It pans out some days. Other days, I'm just giving away free copies of my writing. Everything is mine by copyright, but still.
Then there's the problem of distribution. Exclusive or everywhere.
Amazon offers a new KDP Select program that seems to have everyone up in arms about the indie movement and the big corporate machine. Truthfully, how many of you indie authors would be out there at all if it weren't for these big corporate machines?
Don't let Smashwords fool you. They're making plenty o' cash off of the 90,000 books they have for sale on there, getting cash from each sale. Besides, how hard is it to track five or six different sales options? I mean, as an indie, I have to cover my own writing, cover design, editing, formatting, distribution, marketing whether I do it myself or pay someone else... and I'm supposed to be focused on the craft, not the business.
I want a simple solution.
I want a simple process.
The story should be the hard part, the most work...right?
The writing should be about joy... maybe pain, sadness, romance, horror, disgust, hatred, anger, laughter, love, longing and all those other things while one is writing... but joy in the end right?

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