5 Tips for Avoiding Writing Procrastination.

It happens to all of us…procrastination. And for all of you horror writers out there, you know how difficult it can be to sit down and create your next masterpiece—no matter what your level of expertise. There are ways, however, to fight the overwhelming urge to put off what you want to do tomorrow and instead, get it done today.
Be sure to check out the following tips for kicking procrastination to the curb and get to writing:
Tip #1: Make writing a priority. Of course, many of us face lives filled with busy schedules that barely afford the extra time for putting on our socks in the morning, much less writing. However, if you want to meet your writing goals, you can’t let your craft go to waste sitting on the backburner. Make an effort to prioritize writing by getting it done before you check your email, log into social media sites, talk on the phone, or indulge in whatever your guilty pleasure may be.
Tip #2: When an idea comes, go with it. The key to beating procrastination is to limit the amount of time between the decision to write and actually fulfilling that decision. Should an epiphany come to you about a great new idea, don’t wait for your excitement and enthusiasm to fade—start writing that very moment!
Tip #3: Prepare a plan. If you know that you have a big day of writing ahead of you, get started the night before by making a plan of attack. When you create a schedule along with a precise outline of what you intend to accomplish, you build a foundation upon which to write; this makes it easier to get started and cross items off your list as you go along. Do some brainstorming to come up with title ideas and main points that you want to cover. Let these ideas resonate with you overnight so that you can let the writing flow from your fresh mind the next day.
Tip #4: Take on short projects. For those prone to procrastination, a good method of breaking yourself of your bad habits it to work on small, easy projects at first. By writing short pieces on topics that you enjoy, you will build up your writing stamina so that before long, you will be tackling work that is much bigger.
Tip #5: Reward yourself. To continue warding off procrastination, it’s important that you reward yourself for good behavior. It can be exhausting to write for hours and hours upon end and the will to quit, promising to finish your work “later” can be very tempting—but be tempted you mustn’t! Break up your big writing projects into chunks and set mini-deadlines for yourself throughout your day. Once you reach these deadlines, reward yourself with a walk or a snack to recharge your batteries.

Cindy McDonald is a guest post author who shares with us her tips for avoiding writing procrastination. A writer herself, Cindy also contributes work to Christian Singles Dating Sites where she educates readers on safe online dating practices.

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