A Writer's Lament. Part 1.

Ok, so 'lament' might sound a bit depressing. It's actually exciting to think, one of these stories might reach someone someday. Maybe that person will love it and become a writer... Or maybe they'll hate it and think, "I can do better", and become a writer. Or maybe they'll just recommend it to a friend. Maybe, it'll help them level that table in the den that rocks a little bit.
In any case, the thought that was terrifying to me in high school--someone might read my inner most thoughts--is now the opposite. I can't wait to finish a story and get it out to the world.
There's a problem with that. My impatience makes me put out less than perfect work! Bad. Bad writer!
Ok, lesson learned. So I'm revisiting all my stories with the help of some friends who promised to be brutally honest. And I'm going to therapy for being an impatient whiner (ok, that's not true- the therapy part).

I think I'll continue to write in my haphazard style because it clears my head. But the cleanup (the work part) will have to be done differently and I'll have to find some solace in the editing.
I'll try and chronicle my adventures here. And I would love comments, suggestions, funny stories, guest posts.

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