Welcome October.

Oogie and Jack are done... In a couple weeks they'll be on the porch. Hope to scare some kids. Next up is Sally... and who knows what else. Oh, the Betelgeuse gravestone and we even decorated the aquarium! Then a couple parties. Wow. October is turning into a mini-Christmas.
I'm starting to second guess the writing. I think it's just guilt caused by being so busy in all the other areas of my life. My brain hasn't been able to settle on writing for a few weeks. I keep promising myself I'll finish Lunacy. I'll finish my witch story. I'll finish editing Ethan Jacobs. I'll finish Organ Donor. I'll finish Teenage Zombie. I'll finish Refractions. I'll finish the screenplay...Oh, and there's my birthday and my daughter's birthday... It's no wonder October is always my worst sales month :) I lose track of the books and the writing. Trick or Treat!

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