He's "The Hammer"... and that's no euphamism.

The latest entry into the DemonAuthor Costume Contest for the 2011 'Ween season is Michael Montoure!
Thanks for the pic Michael.
Send me your pics! Tell your friends... and don't forget to promote your own photos Halloweeners! The winner get's a signed copy of one of my books.
The rules are simple: 1. Send me a picture in your 2011 Halloween Costume. 2. Pics will be posted here on my blog and we'll vote on them on Facebook/Google+/Twitter. 3. Winner --to be chosen the day after Halloween-- will get a signed copy of one of my books! 4. All pictures are due to demonauthor@gmail.com by midnight on Halloween! I want originality, quality and some good ol' fashioned 'Ween Spirit! And don't forget the Coffinhop!

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