My buddy Sam.

Halloween is coming. Yep, a mere 38 days from now and I think sometime between the hours of 10am and 11am this morning, I got the bug. I've been trying to catch it since July... So this weekend, there will be fall festival stuff, friend stuff, firepit stuff, food stuff, writing stuff, movie stuff, Ween stuff and possibly a beer or six.

What to write about? Did I tell ya I had an idea for an adventure comedy about an impromptu exorcism that happens at the mall? Ok, so I think about things like that.
Or that I am halfway through a new short about a witch who is paying for her indescretions by building a vessel in order to seal a beast she summoned when she was younger, before she treated her chosen religion with respect...
Or that I'm also halfway through a novella/novel about werewolves? I think I mentioned that one.
Oh yeah... GO Panthers!

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