Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hide and go Muse...

So often the muse isn't about the ideas, but the desire to write. My desire to write is on vacation this week... could be stress at the day job, could be lack of sleep... I have ideas in my head, if I could put my ass in a sitting position long enough to read back the last few chapters of the book I'm working on, I know the words would come. I have enough notes for ten more chapters... but I just can't seem to pull my head back into the game.
This weekend, I shall write. I will!
Ok, maybe I will... it's just something I need to get past, right? RIGHT?
Tell me I'm right...
Ok, back to the distractions. Damn distractions.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like me for the past week! I call it a stumble block, not a writer's block, per say. I know what i need to do, I know what happens, and what the characters are saying, and yet, I just can't seem to pull it together! Hang in there, crank up the radio, watch a movie, or....whatever gets you in the mood to at least sit your butt back down. Good luck and let us know how your are progressing!