Depression and drinking water.

Something is going to kill us all. For me, it's probably depression... nothing really grabs me by the grundies and shakes a smile on my face anymore. It's not you, it's me. Trust me, my wife has grown tired of it, so you really have no need to pester yourself for answers.
Until Walt Disney opens a Horror-World and lets me be involved in the creation of it, I probably won't find a dream job... and money doesn't just fall out of my ass either, so that's out. Not that money provides happiness, but i've never really had any so I wouldn't know... and I'm pretty sure that old clunker was coined by someone who was dirt poor.

My crux is thus: I haven't felt like writing for two days now. I don't even want to write this, but when I don't do my social networking or update my blog, my book sales fall into the poopchute.

I haven't even really gotten the Halloween bug this year. That's bad folks. Halloween is where I live.
So for the six of you that care, I'm off my normal rocker, which was never that 'on' to begin with. But I'll be back somehow, one day... and I'll finish some of these tales that plague my brain and my sleep.

Oh, the drinking water thing-- just something I hate. Plain water. yech. Brew some coffee through it or toss some scotch in there. Hydration is over rated.

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