All Hail the Mighty 'Ween.

I think Ween is a perfectly acceptable term for the fall of the year leading up to my favorite holiday. Halloween is versatile, and it can be celebrated by anyone in their own way. That's the beauty of it. It can amplify your inner fairy, or you can go to the opposite extreme, housewife by day and bloodthirsty psycho killer by night. It provides an outlet, a reason for parties... and in it's original sense, a celebration of the harvest, a reason to pay tribute to the ancestors, a reason for community.
Embrace the Ween.
Go get your best costume people, not something from a plastic bag at Walmart. Buy some felt, some latex, some fake blood... Make something. Spend a little time on it. Go the extra mile, do something crazy you wouldn't normally do... Decorate the front porch for the kids! It means a lot to them. The magic is unquestionable. Buy some damn candy-- don't be that house.
Throw a party and make your guests dress up--we do :)
Oh, and read a book by your favorite horror author! Click on the title for a link to a good example (it's free:)

All Hail the Mighty 'Ween!

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