I haven't killed anyone in a while.

I know what you're thinking.
Huh?? What did he just say? But it's true. I haven't killed anyone since October 2010 when I released "What Tangled Webs"... There are ten shorts and one novella in that book, but the body count is pretty immense. Not Rambo big, but big... and those who die in my books normally suffer a great deal first. It's not because I'm a gore hound, but because death is the ultimate unknown, and we fear what we don't know.
I have seventeen unfinished stories sitting on my computer. Several are going to be novels. The rest might end up in a third collection of short stories, or maybe I'll pimp them out to magazines and other publications that for some reason dig my writing.
For now, watch the Hellfire Publishing website. My latest short story, "Tenfold" will be out soon. In the story, Graham Stiller is haunted by the memory of his dead wife. He is also haunted by a dead biker he calls Harley-man. And the waitress in the coffee shop is dead... and the guy in the barber shop is dead... everyone ... is ... dead ...

You might have gotten a chance to read it when it was called "In Hell With the Flies"... if not, go hound my editors to finish it and get it finished ;)

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