Something's Rotten in Michigan

Nothing against Michigan, but who's idea was it to remake/reboot (read: Screw Up) one of the greatest cult horror films of all time?! Ok, admittedly, "The Evil Dead" hasn't aged well, but here's the issue: Who is going to be Ash? What magazine cover posterboy will step into those giant shoes and attempt the same sarcastic, melodramatic genius captured by Mr. Bruce Campbell? I have to go back to my everyday argument and ask the question: Is it fair to take a shitty movie and ride the box office tide of people who will inevitably pay to see it based on the title alone? No. Would it be better to call it something else, make an original character and story and take your chances? Yes.
Here's the problem: With remakes, the point is to gain a new audience for an old success... Cult movies work on some magical level that they are timely for the audience that experiences them first. Something about the film works and an underground following ensues. Trying to capitalize on that is just stupid.
Even successful remakes are typically bad, few exceptions lately: Halloween (the first Zombie Halloween was decent. H2-crap), I spit on your grave was not a bad remake, just unnecessary. Let Me In was a really good movie, remade almost shot for shot from a really good movie with subtitles. Again, unnecessary. I'd rather see 12 original movies a year with 10 sucking and 2 standing out, than "Everything Part 2", "XYZ 3D" and "The remake of the cult hit: Bleaahhh"... God it's annoying.
Edgar Wright said something like: "In 20 years there'll be nothing left to remake." He's right. And he's sitting on a resume that includes "Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz..." Proving it can be done.
Movies like "Insidious", "Trick 'R Treat", "Hatchet", "Human Centipede", "Tucker and Dale", "Troll Hunter"... why do they stand out? Original. Please stop paying for the crap to keep being made... Teach the kids about classic movies... Good film-making doesn't have to be expensive, just make something enjoyable I can't see in my back yard.
Demand better by waiting for the dvd to watch a flick you know is gonna suck. Demand better by making your own movie, writing your own stories.
Get out of the cookie-cutter film business... I challenge folks to look at the following list and see if they aren't stylistically identical: New NOES, New F13, New Last House.... It's like somebody put out a "Generic Horror Movie" Plugin for everyone's favorite non-linear editing software. No style, no heart and no guts.
I gotta start making films. Crap. Rant over.

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