Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest bloggers welcome! Or I'll just keep typing.

There will be quite a few guests posting here in the coming weeks. Topics should be about horror writing or horror films... or writing in general. While I prefer horror, anything is worthy if it's worthy.

There will be a few kick-ass suprise guests, so stay tuned.

As for me, I just finished my first draft of my first screenplay... and I dare say, it's a blast. Horror for kids? Yep. Keep an eye out for it. Should be completely done in the next couple months and hopefully I can find someone in film that doesn't want to do another remake.
I'm starting on the second installment of "The Wager" what might become the Jacob Kane saga... or maybe someone else will deal with Ol' Scratch. I'm feelin' the old west this time. Kane will meet a new foe, and the devil might be a welcome visitor once this chapter is done.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO DO A GUEST POST, just email me demonauthor@gmail.com or find me on facebook, twitter or google+.

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