Forget the Drugs!!!!

Let's have a chilling welcome for Patty Sarro. Click the title for her work and others at Fantasy Island Book Publishing!

A racing heartbeat, goose pimples all over your skin, paranoia, anxiety, exhilaration- no, these are not signs of a drug induced episode but rather the same experience as reading a truly great horror story. And, for that matter, in case you didn’t know, these also happen to be the same symptoms of falling in love. So, is there a connection between getting the pants scared off of you while being in love? You betcha! And that is why I took those two genres, romance and horror and used them as components to come up with my own genre blended writing where I mix in paranormal, romance and horror so I could keep my readers both smitten and scared.

I want my readers to feel the same emotions of sweet tenderness as well as frightful terror as they follow the main characters, Nena and Uri, of my book Beloved through their meetings and battles with the supernatural. We are also treated with a special cameo appearance by Lucifer! Who can be more terrifying than the Devil himself!

So, after reading this tale of two sides and feel like you are ready for more, take a gander at what will keep you turning the pages as they bring your fears to life. From Fantasy Island Book Publishing, the fear of replacing disease with vampires, zombies, or werewolves around the dark corners of the world are abound in Emeline and the Mutants by Rachel Tsoumbakos or experience the haunting of an old estate where a malevolent and vengeful spirit is unleashed in Harbinger in the Mist as harrowingly told by Annabell Martin. Extra caution to those weak of heart with the book, Black Numbers by Dean Lappi. The cover alone will make your skin crawl along with taking you on a dark, fantasy ride where mind control through a mysterious psycho sexual connection propels you direct in to the heart of a 1000 year old struggle.

And for those with an appetite for the unthinkable cuisines, Eileen Gormley’s Don’t Feed the Fairies will offer you a serving of aliens who feed off of humans, with the intent of farming us as their life force. If you are brave enough to feel the horror of these tales, sneak a peak over your sheets and head over to
and turn it up as you feel your heart rate rising.
And that is why we love being scared- it gives us that euphoric high of risk and adventure. Who needs drugs when you have that?

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