Increasing book sales.

E-book writers, self publishers... this isn't news... but it needs to be said again! To increase your sales, you have to be competitive.
If your self published paperback is $14.95, hang it up. If you're stuck with a print on demand company that makes you sell it at that price point, best of luck and I feel for you.
If your self published e-book is priced at $9.99 or even $5.99, you're wasting your time. \
Sure, who wouldn't want to make $6-$8 for each book they sold... but would you rather sell 2 books a month at $9.95? Or sell 300 a month at $2.99? The math is simple.
Look at what other books are selling for in your genre. (Not what Charlaine Harris's books are selling for, if you were competing with her, you'd be published through a house, and sipping umbrella drinks while someone else did your marketing for you.)
Look at other self-published work in your genre. Prices are dropping, and they should be, because these days everyone has an e-reader and the volume is increasing.
Also: Put free samples out there. If you have multiple books, make one free for a little while (there are ways of getting even the mighty Amazon to list your work for free-price matching!).
Advertising a free book will get you a lot of traffic.
Make sure you list your other books in that free book's description and market the free sample. People will see your other work and eventually start buying it. Especially if your free work is strong.
Last: Don't give away your weakest work. That's like advertising you at your worst.
Then, keep pushing and let word of mouth work for you.

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