Why Monsters? by S.L. Schmitz

Read on minions, as author S.L. Schmitz explains her love of monsters. Great post! Glad demonauthor.com could be a stop on your tour!

Why monsters? Why do I look at a blank piece of paper and become convinced that I must cover it with stories of lost creatures, sympathetic demons? Why do I gaze longingly at photographs of ancient lochs, and wish that what is imagined could be real? What you call horrible, I call friend. What moves below the surface, slinks in embryonic swamps is exactly the kind of company I wish to keep. Giant lizards and secret civilizations – yes, please! Gorgeous medieval dragons, slumbering Norse gods and zombies—I’m on it! I like my vampires with unbrushed teeth, and my werewolves with snarled manes. Mermaids should have sharp claws and cruel eyes, and the damsel in distress must always have an ulterior motive.
Why monsters? I guess it depends how you define the word – after all, Godzilla is a fun guy to know on a Saturday afternoon. Even if the creature is talking in another language, I can still read the subtitles and be chilled. Monsters should come in all sorts of sizes and transparencies – aren’t the scariest ghosties the ones we imagine, not the ones we actually encounter?
Why monsters? Because they are unknown and otherworldly. Ride in a spaceship? Cool! Open the door of the fairy world and crawl inside? Sure! I’ll worry about it later when the aliens try to perform surgery on me, when the goblins jump out from behind the fairy queen’s throne. Beasties and witches and evil spells are the sinew keeping my author’s bones together. If you have no desire to explore the beauty of mental illness, resuscitate the hysteria of plagues and mutant phobias, than as an author, I have no legitimate monsters for you.

Let It Bleed is available in both E-book and soft cover through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. S.L. Schmitz lives in North Carolina, and spends her days chasing a five-year old and keeping 4 felines happy. Please visit her website at www.thedeadgirl.com.

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