Ok, so it was a weak joke.

So, secretly I was hoping for a thousand strong outcry of people swearing never to breathe again until I picked up a pen and started scrawling :)
Thanks for the messages I did get! I didn't even realize it was April 1st until I had to sign some paperwork at like 1:30... so I'll try harder next year.

Fact is, I wrote about 2000 words on a new story today... Changing the mythology of my favorite monster. I've got a new book coming out at the end of the month thanks to Hellfire Publishing (link to them at the bottom of the blog).
I'm also working on a short film with a good friend... keep your eyes peeled for that. (Peeled eyes sound kinda tasty)... and I'm working on several other ideas.
Always looking for some other project and new friends in the bizz.

Happy April Fool's day, let's all have some green beer, open our presents and carve a turkey-shaped pumpkin into a bunny.

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