Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Anybody know how to score an interview? I mean, do you just ask? Is that rude?
I think the best way to advertise is word of mouth--your friends know you, likely you trust their judgment on some things or else know to steer clear of it :) but how to put my name out there as an author and gain credibility? I can't just call people on the phone. And I can't just walk up to strangers and shove my books in their face (or can I?)... and not everyone reads my blog or facebook page...
So I can take out an add in the NY Times... $2500 they want... psh.
I beg for reviews, mail my books everywhere... and the reviews are coming in. What else works?
Any ideas?
Considering anything. Take your time. Ideas... just toss 'em out there... go ahead.


  1. Two words: press release. Write your own & email it to everyone you can.

  2. Girl, I've done press releases... but I'll keep sending them out if it'll keep Tennessee happy :)