Hellfire Publishing.

Looks like 22 days until the beast is unleashed. Hellfire Publishing is busy surveying the landscape and scooping up the wayward souls of writers of the macabre, fantastically horrific and even me. Will the whirlwind hit your neighborhood? Thankfully yes. Hellfire is online and ready to rock. Click the title of this very entry for a glimpse.

If you can, tell a friend or two. If you have no friends, stalk strangers and just chant "Hellfire Hellfire Hellfire" behind them as they walk to church or school, the store, the psychiatrist, even if they try to lead you to the police station--cops read too. ALSO: There may be a lot of government civilian personnel with nothing to do here over the next few weeks, so please, give them something to read, something to think about... something to terrify them.

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