Ethan Jacobs is coming.

Nothing sets the little neck hairs upright like releasing a new book. Especially when that book is being published by such a great group of folks. In 16 days, 22 hours and 36 minutes, a group of books will hit the horror genre with the power of a psycho-devil wielding a bag of running chainsaws and I can't wait.
I hope everyone jumps on board and spreads the word for me and the rest of the Hellfire family.
For my part, I'd like to introduce Ethan Jacobs. In his story, he finds that the afterlife might not be so much a place, or state of being, but an entity all to itself. Something powerful and terrifying that is about keeping the unknown... unknown.
Join me and my new friends on April 30th for the grand opening... and please, bring everyone you know who loves a good creepy story!

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