Protesting a military funeral? Really?

Protesting at a military funeral is a most displaced and vile form of disrespect. Let's assume for a moment you didn't live in the US. Many countries would shoot you, hang you, behead you for speaking against the government and its military. You know why that doesn't happen here? Freedom of speech. Freedom to assemble, freedom of religion...
Do you know who ensures you keep those freedoms? That dead soldier, sailor (Navy and Coast Guard), marine, airmen, guardsman or reservist you're protesting. These kids (as many of them are) didn't join the military to be controversial, they didn't join because they wanted to protect big oil, and they didn't join because they hate you. Quite the opposite. Having served in the military, I can tell you why people join and the number one reason is pride in this country. If you oppose that, then move. Go live somewhere else.
Other reasons people join: they need a job to feed their family, or they want money for college, or because (in a few cases) the judge said "Military or Prison". They get up and go to work each day in a uniform that represents the United States. They get up and go to work carrying a gun in foreign lands that might be riddled with disease, full up with poor people who would give their lives to come to America and have our freedoms and opportunities. They get up and go to work to ensure that when you get up and go to work, there isn't a police state outside, there aren't buildings on fire in your neighborhood.
Speaking of work, the military is hiring. Why don't you stand a post for a bit and watch your friends, brothers and sisters get blown to pieces because they're watching your back?
You are ungrateful for a gift you're given each and every day without even knowing what it must've been like to be killed by a bomb while 12,000 miles away from your parents, your wife, your husband... your children. To miss holidays with family. To wear comfortable clothes, sit in air conditioning, eat decent food, take a hot shower, hug your grandmother, miss a trip to the movies or just have a day off work.
If you're protesting a funeral for a military member, you are misguided. Freedom of speech does not give you the right to hurt others, to interrupt their most private of respectful moments with your hatred and ignorance. To take away their freedoms by imposing what you feel are yours. Do something positive with your time... but most of all, apologize and be thankful. One day the war might come home, might affect you directly. Then you'll be looking for that person you mock to watch your back and your family's back--and they will.
If you don't like what the government or the current president is doing, vote, run for office, write your congressman, make phone calls. Don't dishonor someone who fought and died thus allowing you to do just that. Leaders change, but those in uniform will still be there for us.

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