Let's bitch about work :)

I'm tired of complaining about my jobs. I know people gotta work, that's how you support your family,but come on... How do some people get to be in charge?
I have one simple rule when it comes to work: if you are in charge and everyone working for you seems to be an idiot, find a mirror--it's your fault.
The number one skill any 'boss' needs is the ability to build a team. This new business model where we cross-train everyone and then pull bodies from a pool to work part time on several projects may work in some places, and it may save money up front, but the amount of re-work is staggering. In a technical field, knowing the ins an outs of the equipment is paramount for everyone.
If there's a second rule it would be this: TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN. Teach people to do the job correctly, teach them to do your job. Let your people excel... nothing makes a manager look better than having his people promoted... and nothing gets a manager promoted faster, unless he works for the guy up above who thinks everyone's an idiot.
That is all...

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