Business cards for writers...

So what should a writer's business card look like? First of all, I suppose it should be spelled correctly. Then formatted properly... but what font!? What color?!
"Good coloring."
"That's bone."

So with the Patrick Bateman quote out of the way, seriously... what should it look like.
I'm thinking mine should be in the shape of a bat... or a chainsaw, maybe a severed head!!! But that costs money... and what are most writers short on? Cash.
Maybe, just maybe a cool book mark would work, hell you can print those off at walmart for about 10 cents each. I hate walmart... but I shall suffer for my craft.
So what does it need to say? Suggestions? Seriously, I'm asking... I figure: Name, contact info, website...
Is gimicky good? Or bad... what stands mine out from the crowd in the non-rolodex days? Maybe it should have a tiny sound chip on it that screams bloody murder.
Best of luck to me... and to most of you as well (someone has to be at the bottom of the food chain).

"I like to dissect girls. Did you know I'm utterly insane? "

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