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Been a while since I scratched anything on here. I've been sick, wife and both kids were sick... work's been a nightmare. Now everyone is on the mend and work still gives me heartburn :)
Writing is promising... I'm meeting some very interesting people, including a dead film director. Turns out the dead are very interesting to talk to! I'm editing stories, writing stories, working on screen-writing techniques and even designing a few book covers on the side.
Hellfire Publishing opens it's heavy iron doors April 30th and I get the privelage of being one of their debut authors! Not only will "The Unauthorized Autobiograpy of Ethan Jacobs" finally see the light of day, but I have a poem coming in their first "Beltane Anthology".
So I guess I can add juggling to the list of projects I've got going, and always looking for something more, something different--and something original.
Wish me luck! I'll extend to you the very same.

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