Two days off.

How valuable are back to back days off? I think it's the greatest deterrent for violent crime. Little in this world makes a person more cranky than having to get up in the morning and drag into work. How many people start getting irritable on their day off because they've gotta go back to work in 24 hours ... 18 hours ... 12 hours ... Something wrong with that.
So we spend one day enjoying ourselves and the next day in some mental funk and preparation for that which most of us dread.
Sad. That's like beginning of a Disney cartoon sad... like dead puppy sad.
I don't hate my day job... but I'm not in love with it either.
I wonder though, if that opportunity came to do what I loved for a living, even a marginal-scraping check to check living ... if it would be everything we all dream of? Would I lose the passion to be creative because the drive to get "there" is gone?
Would I sell out and end up hating the process of being creative because I no longer have control of what I create?
Crap... now I need a day off to sort this out.

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