What Tangled Webs I Weave...

Just about finished with the proof for "What Tangled Webs", my second series of scaries. The e-book is available now, but I am trying to put another layer of polish on the edit before I release the print copy. Click the title of this entry for the link if you're a Kindler/Nookie or iPerson.
What else am I working on??? Hrm... My chapter entry for William Castle's "Scare it Forward" hits tonight at midnight.
I've got a short story in the upcoming "Groanology 2" and I've submitted one for another anthology that I hope to hear some positive feedback about :)
There's a children's book in the works...
And a little film project that I have to sign a release for this week to allow screen rights... more on that later.
Other than that, I'm looking for other projects... looking for ways to advertise... looking for new readers... looking for interviews... looking for a way to bust out of the zombie working class and into the horror community full force. Made a few good contacts in the past few weeks--hope they turn out to be friends as well as good business ties.
Stay tuned!

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