Lost Boys 3: The Thirst

The question is: Was this necessary?
No. The original was perfect as it was. No sequel needed... then they made one. It was a steaming pile of hot, rotten garbage. I hated the so-called sequel with the same passion the Frog brothers hate vampires.
So when I heard about a third, I was pissed...
Then I watched it.
How do you bounce back from a failure of such epic proportions? You ignore it. That is something part 3 did well.
It has the right amount of cheese, plenty of gooey gory blood and exploding vampires, some decent comedy, good nods to the original movie, a truckload of Corey Feldman as Edgar... THE RETURN OF ALLEN (yep. the bros are back)!!! and a brilliantly heartfelt nod to the late Corey Haim. There's even some skin for those who like boobs.
This movie has heart folks. It's fun, frantic and--I think-- worthy of the title.
No one will ever recapture the magic of the original "Lost Boys" film. Not for the generation that saw it first. But give this one a shot. I doubt you'll be disappointed.
Oh, and they left it open for a sequel... of a different flavor. But I won't spoil it.
Check it out most definitely.

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