Funny little flick.

So... on a whim, I checked out "Bitten" on Netflix instant watch. I know a lot of folks are mad at Netflix right now... but damnit! I'm a fan.
"Bitten" is a vampire movie. Not the typical fare or rest-assured I'd never have given it a second thought, but it had a couple things going for it:
1. Jason Mewes (Jay from the Clerks series of movies) who I dig. He's just a funny guy.
2. An interesting premise.
Mr. Mewes plays a graveyard shift EMT who finds a woman literally in the trash pile outside his seedy inner-city apartment building. She's hysterical, covered in blood and won't let him take her to the hospital. Being a paramedic, he takes her inside and begins to nurse her back to health. Soon enough he realizes that she's a vampire and starts feeding like Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors.
Erika Cox is smokin' hot, mostly nude and looks to be freshly "implanted", there's a fantastically funny and raunchy supporting turn by Richard Fitzpatrick as the older, wiser, and crankier Paramedic, and Mewes is Mewes. Good stuff.
It's hokey in parts (intentionally), has an hysterical soundtrack including instrumental versions of 80's love songs, awkward sexual situations, bathroom humor, plenty of blood and boobs galore. If you like "B" horror, check it out, please. It's a ten car pile up. Bet you can't look away. 2 stars for "Quality"... 3.5 for entertainment value.

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