Fraud, failure, or getting there?

What am I doing? Hmmm... It seems odd to me that anyone would care, but I'll fill in those who do. I'm stressing. The pieces of life seem to be falling into place, work, family, home... all good. My writing is a different story- ha ha. I've heard it said that while on the path to success, you will often feel like a complete fraud. I should be well on my way then. Writing down things that are in my head and expecting others to read it (or-gasp! buy it) is an alien feeling to me. It's a great feeling, just alien.
So I'm writing. Since Demons and Other Inconveniences, I've cranked out two novellas, 20+ short horror stories and a dozen poems. There's also a handful of shorts I wrote with the kids in mind. My children were disappointed that they couldn't read "daddy's book". They're right, that's not fair. I've also submitted a couple stories to some collaborative anthologies, one for charity, and one for fun :) Oh-- and there is a little film project that has some wonderfully talented people attached... more on that as it develops.
I might be a fraud... but I'm busy :) and you never truly fail until you quit trying.

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