Listen up Hollywood.

Ok. I get remakes. They make cash and are pretty cheap by comparison. You can slap the flavor of the week pretty people in them for scale and crank out a slick looking film in 4-6 months. Here's the problem-- there's no heart. These movies have no soul. I don't give a crap if 10 teen bimbos and their male jewelry get axed--they all irritate me and I know another movie will roll out next week.
Make the characters last. The slasher film formula is dead. Really, really dead. So before someone remakes a remake (The fly perhaps?), let's make a deal...
In order for a studio to green-light a horror/cult remake, the pitch must also include an interesting, character-driven film of the same type. Package them together. The teens who'll watch anything (similar to the way they eat and or date) can flock to the garbage re-hack... and the rest of us can watch something new and interesting.
Keep the budget low, the star-power low, and the energy and enthusiasm of the crew and the audience high. We've been shafted waaaaaaay too many times. It's about ambiance. It's about style. It's about tension... and I swear to ya, if the audience members can relate to the character that's being tormented, chased, tortured or killed on screen, that movie will have a bigger impact and much longer life once the house lights come up. Please... just please.

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