Monday, August 23, 2010

Fanning the flames...

Is it selfish to continue searching for my own way? I have kids... shouldn't I be providing them everything they need to find theirs? Or maybe that's something you need to find yourself. Maybe my way still has a few years to cook before it's ready. I can believe that a vast majority of people give up looking. They settle into a life routine and tell themselves that it's enough. They focus solely on the children or the career... What if that career isn't really providing any fulfillment? How many are lucky enough to do what they love--damn the consequences? I hope for a happy medium... Somewhere out there is a path for me where I can fulfill my dreams and be content. Not filthy rich or famous, just content. That same path would provide a stable enough home life for my family so they don't tweak out. But it might also provide them enough oddity and adventure that they may seek the same in their lives. My hope is that they are never satisfied with societal norms... that they look for better than that. That they strive for something unheard of and do it with a fucking smile on their face. I hope they change everything... In the mean time... I'd like to get started on my world.

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