Depression is just anger without enthusiasm.

So I have a self-published book... and another that's being looked at by an agent... and another I plan on finishing that would be more appropriate for the younger kids... and a handful of stories that are just in limbo... I've even got one that's being looked at for a film... Now my brain hurts.

I'm not really depressed... just running out of ideas. I can't keep up with the dozens of sites I've registered, placed a link, a blurb, a sentence, an ad, started a conversation about, or blatantly blasted all my book purchase links on. I'm out of ideas. I guess I could flood parking lots with fliers, give up my day job and travel from con to con and bookstore to bookstore to pester people in person... or just give in and pay someone else to do it for me for a while. What's the success rate for advertising? Is it worth it to pay for advertising? Am I confident enough in my work to think it would sell? Maybe. Where do you find these answers?
Where do I find patience is a better question... I don't want overnight stardom... I'd just like to have an audience I can connect with. If I can make a living with that, great. If I can't, then I guess I tried.
Ever write a blog entry that didn't go anywhere? I think this is that entry...
Rant over.

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