Who is the hunted?

Strange what sparks my writing... My six year old was reciting a poem by Jack Prelutsky yesterday and from the backseat of the car I heard:
"I chased a dragon through the woods, and now he's chasing me..."

So many things this could apply to. Anyone ever had a project get out of hand, or a life situation that felt larger and more menacing than you felt you could tackle? I'll exaggerate this to the extreme, of course, when and if I do write a story on the theory... and it might not be a dragon I'm chasing. It just made me think about the things that I had conquered by myself, or with my family. Some amazing dragons slain, their trophy heads all around me...
Sometimes you need to stop and congratulate yourself for just ... being ... for continuing to thrive. Thanks Jack, for writing such a great wealth of poetry for kids ... and for sparking the imagination of even the most jaded.

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