Tuesday, July 6, 2010

//To tweet or not to tweet.

That is the social-networking question.
Is Facebook enough? Is anyone reading this blog? I made a myspace page against my own better judgment and regretted immediately. I had this inner voice say "Dan. You know you'll never be able to update all this crap."
I keep hearing that Twitter is the way to go to reach a lot of people quickly... but that would just make another website/status/blog I'm trying to keep updated.
Advice people?! Help a dude out. I'm just trying to reach as many people--as many fans of horror and readers of horror that I can by myself. I can't afford advertising yet, so it has become a quest. What else can I do to get the word out? Is it fair to keep bugging people on Facebook?
How long will my family put up with my begging :)


  1. I think tying it all together as best you can, so that when you post to your blog, your Facebook profile is updated, your Twitter Feed is to, and even your Amazon's author page shows your posts. Tying it all together hopefully means there are less places that you need to repeat yourself to attract an audience.
    Is it all worth it? Not quite sure, because I am fairly new to this game and my novel hasn't come out yet. I help promote other people's work as best I can through the same media that I promote my own, and in turn, they do the same for me. I guess I will better know when I start seeing if people are buying my book a few months down the road. ;)

  2. Thanks for the advice, Patrick. Best of luck with your book!