Ok, I'm not going to get into religion here, except to say: To each his/her own. Recently I went with my family to a county fair. We rode rides and ate the proportional amount of junk food and no one puked. I dub that a success... There were dozens of booths from local businesses, local politicians, and local churches. That was all great... until one of the church's handed my 11 year old child a bible.
I have no problem with the bible. I have no problem with any religious literature. My problem is that an adult person handed something to my child with no knowledge of our beliefs or culture, and he did it without consulting me or my wife with so much as a glance. I'm just glad I was there with her.
Not cool, dude. Not cool at all. I would like for my children to make up their own minds, do their own study, and decide for themselves. I will answer their questions as best I can and point them to the information they want. If you believe in God, Allah, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster-- good on ya. Knock yourself out, whatever gets you through the day, month, year... but keep it to yourself.

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