Here's everything I know about writing...

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Together with five bucks, it'll get you a footlong at Subway.
I write like I would tell a story to you in person. Maybe it's because I've watched way more movies than I've read books. Maybe it's because I'm lazy. Maybe I'll get lucky and people will see me as "fresh and different".
Do my participles dangle? Probably. Do I end sentences with prepositions? I try not to. Do I care? Not if I'm getting my point across.
That's all writing is really about. Telling your story and getting your point across. Will people have questions? Yep. Do I want them to? Of course. If you read my stuff and get mad, I've illicited a response. If you read it and love it, good. Any emotion is a success in my opinion. As long as you're discussing the story.
I am learning as I go. I hope my second book is better than the first. The third better than the second.
"What Tangled Webs" is much darker. More evil with much less humor. The characters are mean spirited and nasty. Of course the subject matter is: deception, greed and what folks are willing to do to get theirs.
I guess writing is a process like anything else... find your own voice and practice...
Anyone want to critique, review, applaud or destroy my stuff, please do. I need all the help I can get.

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