Zombie Boogie

I recently watched a little film called "Dance of the Dead"(2008, dir. Gregg Bishop)... zombie movie, teens, the prom... nothing new there. Well, maybe there was: Originality! Quick pace, comedy that was funny... These film makers took some time and effort and made a movie that they loved and it was obvious. I won't go into a lot of detail, just know that the characters were real, very quirky and no one was chiseled out of a block of cream cheese, not even the cheerleader love interest. The high school kids looked like they were in high-school. The zombies were menacing and the deaths were brutal and worthy of the genre.
I give this movie two decaying, bone-protruding thumbs up. In a sea of handi-cam crap, this little flick rocked. And it's available on Comcast On-Demand/Fearnet right now for absolutely nothing!


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