Why is a raven like a writing desk?

How come Johnny Depp seems to be the only dude capable of holding everyone's attention in films lately? How come everything is a remake? Have we run out of ideas? Cynics will say yes, that everything is a rehash anyway and comparisons will be drawn.
I disagree... while stories may be similar, there are ways to mix them up. A simple series of what-if questions usually gets me going. While I'm not the most original guy in the world, I'm not re-writing anyone else's work and calling it mine.

People need to stop looking at shiny and glitzy and start looking at story... look at the original versions... look at the effort it took and not just the end product. Before you say- That blew farm animals... what would you do better? differently...and realize this: If you're discussing it, if you've drawn sides and are arguing over something with friends... then the artist did their job.

Wow, what a ramble. where did that come from... I gotta go write about something tearing something else's innards out...

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