What Tangled Webs

So, the second book is done. At least it's written. I have five short stories, one novella and a poem in there. Editing is at 80% and moving quickly.
This book is a bit darker than the first, the stories more vicious, the characters dirtier. Could be a sign? Maybe it was just my mood. It's also a bit shorter, but only because I thought two novellas in one collection was a bit much. I'm going to cut this one short and leave you to the spiders, psychotic girlfriends with rich fathers who like torture, ghosts, children and their silly hazing, and the devil himself.
This one is less about demons and more "be careful what you wish for"... even if it isn't an outright wish. Sometimes an evil thought gets out and becomes more than a thought. What tangled webs we weave indeed.

Help me pass the word on and get these books out there to folks who like a scare, a gentle shiver down their spine...
Thanks, all!

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