Sunday, June 27, 2010


It took a long time for me to knock out this trailer... I can't quantify the hours I spent pondering the idea for it... the hours my wife spent pondering the idea for it. I didn't want it to look homemade, which is why I guess I went with the idea for epilepsy causing strobed images. The voice is mine, altered by software and the rain/thunder effects are from a 'sounds of Halloween' CD... The images are of me, my wife, some triple 6's, simple pentagrams, a cool photo of a wolf, all doctored up with Photoshop and then edited and synched together with some video software that came with my computer.
I'm not sure if it came out looking "Not Homemade", but at least it's hi-def :)

Always wanted to make movies, but just don't have the patience.

Time actually spent at the computer editing photos, audio and video: 10 hours.

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